The following were areas of concentration for CAP, Inc:

  • Working From the Ground Up
    Working from the Ground Up:  A Blueprint for Organizing Effective Programs to Increase Adoption of Innovations in Agriculture
    Now, more than ever, agriculture needs effective tools for creating and supporting change. Based on our experience in the field and our work with state and federal agencies CAP has developed a model for individuals and organizations that want to enable farmers to adopt change on a wide scale.
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  • Putting The Farm Bill to Work
    Rolling Fields
    The 2002 Farm Bill increased opportunities for minor crop growers to get financial assistance for using integrated pest management (IPM) and other environmentally sound growing practices through the federal conseration programs. Learn more about the programs, the benefits they offer and how growers have made use of the prgrams on their farms and orchards.
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  • Field Implementation Projects
    Peanut Field
    Starting in 1996, the Center for Agricultural Partnerships worked with more than 75 companies and organizations in seven states on more than 500,000 acres to improve farming practices and the environment.Take a tour of the projects and their results.
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